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Carnegie Hill Neighbors is a non-profit advocacy organization, 501 (c)(3), that preserves, protects, and improves our special neighborhood.

Carnegie Hill, one of New York City’s most attractive and varied neighborhoods, has been likened to a village within our great city. It is studded with a wide range of architectural styles, from Civil War-era charming wooden houses, to late 19th-century stately rowhouses, early 20th-century elegant mansions and pre-war magnificent apartment buildings along with cultural institutions and more than a dozen schools.

Originally, in 1970, Carnegie Hill Neighbors was formed to preserve the historic architecture in the neighborhood and protect it from high rise construction. Today, Carnegie Hill Neighbors is the voice of the neighborhood, not only working to moderate the scale and context of building proposals, but also providing security, visual and environmental guidance, cleaner streets, landscaped malls, tree care, and community events. It is, most importantly, an effective volunteer organization dedicated to maintaining the quality of life in the area. Carnegie Hill Neighbors has proved that by working together, concerned residents can shape their neighborhood into a truly satisfying place in which to live.

The Carnegie Hill neighborhood extends from 86th to 98th Streets, from Fifth Avenue up to, but not including, Third Avenue. The map to the left of the Carnegie Hill neighborhood highlights the Carnegie Hill Historic District and the small Hardenbergh-Rhinelander Historic District, at Lexington Avenue and 89th Street.

The Carnegie Hill Architectural Guide, published by CHN in 2008, describes in detail almost 400 buildings in the neighborhood and contains self-guided walks to follow.

Mission Statement

Carnegie Hill Neighbors serves the community that spans the blocks from 86th street up to 98th street and the avenues in between, from the [east side of] Fifth Avenue up to, but including, [the west side of] Third Avenue. Since 1970, it has been the organization’s endeavor to preserve the residential character and architectural heritage of Carnegie Hill through education and advocacy.

Quality of life programs address quotidian concerns such as the beauty and security of the area.  Speaker forums and community meetings educate homeowners and co-operative agencies on topics to do with the maintenance and care of their properties.

CHN Board of Directors

Because Carnegie Hill Neighbors is a staffed organization, active on many fronts with a community-minded board of directors, it is in the best position to address neighborhood concerns—from dirty sidewalks to threatening towers.

The CHN Board of Directors oversees the work of the organization. It is a working board with most members in charge of a committee or activity.  The board is comprised of members who are passionate about the community and their areas of interest, be it landmarks, streetscape, tree care, the environment, safety, fund raising, membership development, communications or just spreading the word about how CHN protects and improves Carnegie Hill every day.

David Stoll – Chairman
Lo van der Valk – President
Mark Goldsmith – Vice President
Samantha Fremont Smith – Secretary
Greg Warner – Finance Chair

Suzie Aijala
Irene Aldridge
Sarah Bramwell
Heather Brandes
Mark Brookes
Jenifer Brooks
Barbara Calabrese
Barbara Coffey
Dixie De Luca

Samantha Fremont-Smith
Mark Goldsmith
Susan Gottridge
Anne Haubenstricker
Julie Herzig
Ivan Hrazdira
Jurate Kazickas
Linda Kurtz
Virginia B. Pitman

Patricia Preston
Molly Rand
Kevin Roe
April Shelton
George Stonbely
Gregory Warner
Bonnie Lane Webber

David Balderston
Cynthia Mac Grath
Ronald Spencer

Letter from the Executive Director

Having settled into our new home base on Madison Avenue, Carnegie Hill Neighbors is stronger than ever in its resolve to preserve and protect our piece of New York living history. From our vantage point, as a program based organization, we have the unique opportunity to not only preserve our neighborhood character but improve our streets as well.

Officially launched in Winter 2018 is the newest buoy to our Streetscape program: Clean Streets.  In partnership with an uptown nonprofit that provides support to young men in pursuit of a new path, we’ve developed a paid, basic training program vital to an array of vocational careers. Clean Streets is a complementary service to the rapid graffiti removal program.

Carnegie Hill Neighbors is a relatively small organization but supported with a loyal constituency and active board of directors who recommit their support and innovation to our mission on a regular basis. In this vein, our board has been working on a selection of new and exciting events ready for take-off in 2018, 2019 and into our 50th year serving this community. Stay tuned for community-based entertainment and fun for all ages.

Browse our website, ever-changing and improving, to deliver you information when you are on the go.  Stop by the office, hear our plans to enliven our neighborhood retail trade and keep the scale, livable and enjoyable in Carnegie Hill.

See you around the neighborhood!

Joanna Cawley
Executive Director, Carnegie Hill Neighbors


1326 Madison Ave
Garden Level
New York, NY | 10128
Tel: 212-996-5520

Lo van der Valk

Joanna G. Cawley

Stephon Wynn – Office and Marketing Manager/Accounts Payable

Alexa Williams – Member Relations Manager

Josephine Mazur – Quality of Life Manager


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