Clean Streets

For more than a decade, our Clean Streets initiative has been improving the beauty and quality of life for residents of Carnegie Hill.  Our Clean Streets manager walks the neighborhood daily looking for damage, graffiti, potholes and other nuisances that need repair.  CHN regularly repairs all municipal property – from lamp posts to benches – and we work with building managers and property owners to facilitate repairs to private property.  Examples include 3 new trees planted on 95th Street between 5th and Madison Avenues, repainted lamp posts and mailboxes and new tree guards and sidewalks installed along the south side of 90th Street between 5th and Madison Avenues.

If you see an issue that needs resolving, please contact us.  Also, you should contact 311.  From there, you will be directed to the appropriate agency and will receive a code number for the relevant issue.  Please call us with that number and we will work on a resolution.

CHN Graffiti Removal

Our Clean Streets team of interns removes graffiti, errant stickers, and unauthorized postings from Carnegie Hill public spaces to combat urban vandalism. Our special blend of street-level maintenance, tree care, and other beautification efforts provides on-the-job training and the extra clean-up and care in Carnegie Hill that the city does not provide. Graffiti removal is an effective weapon we use to fight for our neighborhood’s beauty and calm and detract from our historic landmarks and pedestrian thoroughfares. We welcome other organizations to try our methods and publish our protocols online to benefit from this important work.

2021 Participating Buildings

1056 Fifth Avenue
1067 Fifth Avenue
1080 Fifth Avenue
1107 Fifth Avenue
1115 Fifth Avenue
1120 Fifth Avenue
1125 Fifth Avenue
1133 Fifth Avenue
1136 Fifth Avenue
1140 Fifth Avenue
1165 Fifth Avenue
1170 Fifth Avenue
1435 Lexington Avenue
1261 Madison Avenue
1040 Park Avenue
1045 Park Avenue
1049 Park Avenue
1050 Park Avenue
1065 Park Avenue
1075 Park Avenue

1082 Park Avenue
1088-1090 Park Avenue
1111 Park Avenue
1125 Park Avenue
1128-1130 Park Avenue
1133-1135 Park Avenue
1150 Park Avenue
1155 Park Avenue
1160 Park Avenue
1172 Park Avenue
1175 Park Avenue
1185 Park Avenue
1199 Park Avenue
49 East 86th Street
55 East 86th Street
21 East 87th Street
47 East 87th Street
115 East 87th Street
2 East 88th Street
4 East 88th Street

5 East 88th Street
19 East 88th Street
47 East 88th Street
60 East 88th Street
The Philip House
50 East 89th Street
14 East 90th Street
21 East 90th Street
51 East 90th Street
115 East 90th Street
108 East 91st Street
46 East 92nd Street
134 East 93rd Street
64 East 94th Street
3 East 95th Street
4 East 95th Street
17-19 East 95th Street
27 East 95th Street
16 East 96th Street
17 East 96th Street
70 East 96th Street
108 East 91th Street

Greening Carnegie Hill

The Tree Care committee co-chairs are Julia Bradford, Suzanne Goldstein, and Virginia Pitman. Carnegie Hill residents see their team on Saturday mornings in the spring and fall pruning trees. However, they do a lot more where their hands are not so visible. CHN surveyed empty tree sites in Carnegie Hill as well as on an almost barren Third Avenue and applied for new trees through MillionTreesNYC. As a result, there are more than 180 new trees in the Carnegie Hill area, both in newly created and formerly empty beds. More empty tree beds in Carnegie Hill will be filled in the near future. To report a dead tree, please call 311.

CHN Board Members who are NYC certified tree pruners
Sam Fremont-Smith
Virginia Pitman
Kevin Roe

Here is some advice from MillionTreesNYC about planting in street tree beds:

1. Use perennials, annuals and bulbs
2. Tree health comes first
3. Choose plants that require little water
4. AVOID planting bamboo, ivy, vines, woody shrubs or evergreens. They all require a lot of water and can harm the tree

Tree Guards

Tree guards are the best way to protect street trees. The NY Tree Trust, created by the Parks Department in 1997 to foster public/private partnerships, now offers an option to provide guards in our neighborhood through a tax-deductible contribution to the Trust. These guards are attractive, available in both steel and aluminum, are three-sided and slope down on the street side, making them less likely to be damaged by vehicles. Information on how to purchase a guard is available here.

There are 11 designs to choose from, and prices range from $525 to a little over $1,000 for a 5’ x 5’ tree bed. A variety of tree guards available can be viewed here.  Contact James Kaechele of the NY Tree Trust at, who can assist you in choosing your preferred tree guard design. Be a Carnegie Hill Neighbors Tree Guard-ian! CHN will thank you in the Carnegie Hill News.

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Park Avenue Malls

Until 1980, the ten Park Avenue median islands in Carnegie Hill were barren dog runs until Carnegie Hill Neighbors landscaped and made them the focal point of the avenue. For more than 30 years, we have engaged gardening professionals to plant and maintain the malls between 86th to 96th streets year-round.
CHN also provides watering to the pocket park on Park Avenue between 96th and 97th streets and a recent significant donation of the hedges along the ends of several medians has further enhanced the malls.

Park Avenue Malls Chair Susan Gottridge monitors the choice and health of the plantings on the malls. CHN administers the planting of the seasonal flowers and maintenance of the grass, hedges, and trees with funds provided by the 30 boards of the cooperatives and condominiums along Park Avenue through a type of “conservancy” fund initiated by CHN in 1979. Since 2008, other buildings on Park Avenue and the adjacent side streets have contributed.

2021 Participating Buildings

1040 Park Avenue
1049 Park Avenue
1050 Park Avenue
1060 Park Avenue
1065 Park Avenue
1070 Park Avenue
1075 Park Avenue
1088 Park Avenue
1100 Park Avenue
1105 Park Avenue
1120 Park Avenue
1125 Park Avenue
1128 Park Avenue
1133 Park Avenue
1150 Park Avenue
1155 Park Avenue
1160 Park Avenue
1165 Park Avenue
1172 Park Avenue
1175 Park Avenue
1185 Park Avenue
1192 Park Avenue
1199 Park Avenue
1220 Park Avenue
1230 Park Avenue
1235 Park Avenue
49 East 86th Street
64 East 86th Street
120 East 87th  Street
22 East 91st Street
65 East 93rd Street
130 East 94th Street
The Brick Church
The Church of the Heavenly Rest

Clean Streets and Greenspaces Advisors

Lynden Miller

Founder, (
Professor, NYU Department of Art History in Urban Design & Architectural Studies

Mark Goldsmith

Co-Founder, President, and CEO
Getting Out and Staying Out (GOSO)

Crista Carmody

Senior Horticulturist, NYC Parks & Recreation
Forestry, Horticulture, and Natural Resources