In Defensive Debate, Mayor Says He’ll Fight to Keep NYC ‘For Everyone’

By September 7, 2017 March 27th, 2018 No Comments
NEW YORK CITY — In the final debate before next week’s primary election, Mayor Bill de Blasio and lead challenger Sal Albanese sparred Wednesday night over the incumbent’s record — arguing about affordable housing, policing, education and the mayor’s protests against President Donald Trump.
For de Blasio, it was an opportunity to convince voters he deserves another term to make sure New York City remains “a city for everyone.”
For Albanese, considered a long shot in the Sept. 12 primary, it was another chance to present himself to voters as a worthy alternative to the current mayor.
“Who are you, and what qualifies [you] — anything you’ve done recently to be mayor of our city?” moderator and CBS 2 anchor Maurice DuBois asked Albanese to kick off the debate, which was held at the CUNY Graduate Center.
The 68-year-old former City Councilman, who ran ran for mayor in 1997 and 2013, said he has the right mix of public and private sector experience to run the city.
“I am the New York City story,” he said, referring to his immigration to the United States from Italy as a child, attendance at public schools and graduation from CUNY before becoming a teacher. He spent 15 years in the City Council, and more recently worked in finance.
“I have a passion for helping New Yorkers,” he said. “My vision is to make the city more livable.”
With his opponent in charge, Albanese said New York City has become a more difficult place to live.
Read more here and you can also view a clip of Sal Albanese speaking with our CHN President, Lo van der Valk below.