CHN Patrol Car Program

CHN’s Patrol Car Program is a well loved amenity, providing an extra set of eyes on the neighborhood.  Brosnan Risk Consultants, our security company, uses cutting edge technology on their daily patrols as they check in with local businesses and door attendants.  Retrofitted with an electronic monitoring system, our cruiser patrol tags buildings (on request) on their nightly rotation to ensure participants the patrol has checked the perimeter.  It also doubles as a mobile response unit.

Our customized patrol car checks on participating buildings.  CHN is able to see where this is happening and when.

For more information on joining our Patrol Car program, please call our office at (212) 996-5520 or email us at

Areas of Operation
86th Street to 96th Street (Third Avenue to Fifth Avenue)
97th and 98th Streets (Fifth and Madison Avenues only)

2021 Security Patrol Participating Buildings

1056 Fifth Avenue
1067 Fifth Avenue
1107 Fifth Avenue
1115 Fifth Avenue
1120 Fifth Avenue
1133 Fifth Avenue
1136 Fifth Avenue
1140 Fifth Avenue
1165 Fifth Avenue
1261 Madison Avenue
1040 Park Avenue
1045 Park Avenue
1049 Park Avenue
1050 Park Avenue
1075 Park Avenue
1082 Park Avenue

1088 Park Avenue
1111 Park Avenue
1133 Park Avenue
1150 Park Avenue
1160 Park Avenue
1185 Park Avenue
49 East 86th Street
21 East 87th Street
2 East 88th Street
60 East 88th Street
50 East 89th Street
21 East 90th Street
51 East 90th Street
134 East 93rd Street
155 East 93rd Street
4 East 95th Street
17-19 East 95th Street
27 East 95th Street