Security Program

Spring 2019: Daily Security & Patrol Program

CHN’s Security Patrol is a lasting and invaluable tool, for deterring petty street crime, commercial burglaries and vandalism in Carnegie Hill, several years running. CHN recently signed with Brosnan Risk Consultants as Carnegie Hill Neighbors Security Patrol 2.0, with BRC’s cutting edge technologies and brand new Jeep Compass, emblazoned with the CHN logo. This daily patrol, a mix of foot and cruiser surveillance, provides an extra set of eyes to walk the neighborhood, check in with area businesses, and door attendants, to greet and assist CH residents. Retrofitted with an electronic monitoring system, our cruiser patrol tags buildings that request it, on a nightly rotation, and doubles as a mobile response unit for Carnegie Hill.

Area of Operation:
From 86th to 96th Street
(West of Third Avenue)
From 97th/98th streets
(Fifth and Madison avenues only)

Patrol Car Duty:
2:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. weekdays
7:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. weekends

Foot Patrol Duty:
12:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. weekdays

Individuals residing in Carnegie Hill Benefit greatly from this vital program

CHN Patrols record and report:
Damaged /obstructed sidewalks
Graffiti, stickers, unauthorized postings
Blocked, degraded street signage
Abandoned, vandalized autos
Panhandling, loitering
Emergency response
Streetlamp/traffic light outage

Annual Security dues per building = $50 per unit
One-time Flat fee for year-round Graffiti Removal
Please contact:

Park Avenue Malls

Until 1980, the ten Park Avenue median islands in Carnegie Hill were barren dog runs until Carnegie Hill Neighbors landscaped and made them the focal point of the avenue. For more than 30 years, we have engaged gardening professionals to plant and maintain the malls on Park Avenue between 86th to 96th streets year-round. CHN also provides watering to the pocket park on Park Avenue between 96th and 97th streets. As a further benefit, the beautification of the malls has engendered individual streetscape efforts throughout the neighborhood.

Park Avenue Malls Chair Susan Gottridge monitors the choice and health of the plantings on the malls. CHN administers the planting of the seasonal flowers and maintenance of the grass, hedges, and trees with funds provided by the 30 boards of the cooperatives and condominiums along Park Avenue through a type of “conservancy” fund initiated by CHN in 1979. Since 2008, other buildings on Park Avenue and the adjacent side streets have contributed.


Our Newest Quality of Life Initiatives: Clean Streets and Green Spaces

CHN Clean Streets began in late 2017 to supplement the NYC Sanitation Department with weekly maintenance to the streetscape to include constant sweeping up of street litter and bagging the trash bin overflow on Carnegie Hill’s commercial streets.

Our Clean Streets initiative has recently expanded to a hands-on training program in landscape gardening from a selection of community partners. Clean Streets now also maintains a once overlooked green gem of Carnegie Hill; the 97th Street mall garden at the terminus of the Metro North elevated Manhattan track. Under the guidance of our advisors, Lynden Miller and Crista Carmody, the CHN Clean Streets team now cares for the garden with regular planting, watering and weeding.

This inspiring program is made possible through valued community partnerships and generous sponsors to aid in tuition assistance  for horticultural training and certification courses, gardening supplies, and salary assistance for our staff and interns. Like-minded Carnegie Hill individuals and institutions have coalesced and shown interest in outreach and education opportunities for children and adults in the garden. Keep a lookout on our website for upcoming events!

Our Clean Streets & Green Spaces Advisory Board

Lynden Miller

Founder, (
Professor, NYU Department of Art History in Urban Design & Architectural Studies

Mark Goldsmith

Co-Founder, President, and CEO
Getting Out and Staying Out (GOSO)

Crista Carmody

Senior Horticulturist, NYC Parks & Recreation
Forestry, Horticulture, and Natural Resources

Our Community Outreach Partners

NY4P and The Daffodil Project

In October 2016, urban gardeners, volunteers and neighbors joined CHN in replenishing the flowerbeds with bulbs provided by NY4P and The Daffodil Project. That fall, we managed to plant over 300 bulbs in the 97th Street garden on the Park Avenue malls, designed in 2008, by Lynden Miller – public garden designer and founder of The Daffodil Project in partnership with New Yorkers for Parks.

The Daffodil Project was founded in 2001 as a living memorial to September 11. With OVER 7 MILLION free bulbs planted citywide by more than 100,000 young students, parks and gardening groups, civic organizations, corporate volunteers, and other New Yorkers, it is one of the largest volunteer efforts in the city’s history.

Every fall NY4P gives away approximately half a million daffodil bulbs to individuals and groups planting them in New York City public spaces such as parks, schoolyards, community gardens, street tree pits, and others. Participants must register in advance to receive bulbs. Registration opens in late summer of every year.

Tree Care Outings

Tree Care Outings are the primary activity of the Tree Care Committee, when on two Saturdays and one Wednesday in the spring and fall licensed tree-pruners, assisted by other volunteers, prune Carnegie Hill street trees. The team also shares with neighbors tips on tree care, ways to obtain a new tree, how to sponsor a tree guard, and what plants are best for urban tree beds.

Picture to the right: NYC Council Member Keith Powers prunes with the tree care committee. 

Neighborhood Clean Up Days

Carnegie Hill Neighbors partners with residents and businesses on a seasonal basis, targeting specific areas in the neighborhood that need a little extra clean-up help.  This year Axa Financial joined CHN for Global Volunteer Day to spruce up the pocket park located on Park Avenue between 96th and 97th Streets.

We offer competitive pricing for Global Volunteer Day.  Please inquire at

CHN Block Assessments

Well-maintained city sidewalks and healthy greenery are vital components to cultivating a beautiful neighborhood. Carnegie Hill Neighbors will walk your block with you to assess any repairs or improvements to be made.

We can direct you toward the appropriate channels to address the needs of whatever project your block may require.


Carnegie Hill Neighbors educates and informs individuals seeking information on a wide range of topics. We offer tours and talks on the neighborhood’s rich architectural history and discuss the advent of New York City’s historical district mapping. We organize outings to instruct city gardeners on how to prepare, plant and maintain their piece of the urban landscape — from tree beds to public parkland in our neighborhood’s playgrounds and public garden spaces.

Carnegie Hill Neighbors Internship Program

Carnegie Hill Neighbors offers teens and young adults a broad range of internship opportunities working in the office and out in the community. We have recruited interns from NYU Film SchoolNYU School of Architecture and Urban PlanningThe Cooke CenterThe Peddie SchoolThe Dalton School and Winston Prep.

Citizen Pruner Course

In 2017, Carnegie Hill Neighbors partnered with Trees New York to bring a Pruner Course to our neighborhood. Members of Carnegie Hill Neighbors joined together to take part in this wonderful opportunity to learn about tree care and to become certified tree pruners.


The Citizen Pruner Course is usually given at the Arsenal.

A healthy urban forest is invaluable to the health of our city. Trees improve air and water quality, lower air temperatures, reduce energy demand, and beautify the streets.

Stewardship and pruning hugely reduce a tree’s vulnerability to pervasive urban threats such as pedestrian and vehicular traffic, drought and storms. In New York City, where there is limited funding for tree maintenance but significant need, CitizenPruners provide a tremendous benefit to our urban environment.

Classroom Details: 8 hours in the classroom – Students meet for four 2-hour classroom sessions. The comprehensive curriculum includes tree biology, street tree identification, common tree problems and solutions, tree stewardship and pruning. After the in-class sessions, there is a 4-hour Saturday field outing to apply newly learned pruning skills.


Carnegie Hill Buildings Network (CHBN)

Carnegie Hill Neighbors hosts an annual Carnegie Hill Buildings Network to address current trends in maintenance and facilities management. Every building in Carnegie Hill is invited to attend and to hear speakers discuss topics of common interest.

Superintendents and resident managers who submit their information will receive regular email updates from CHN with timely information addressing a wide range of topics.

DSNY Organics Collection

DSNY Organics Collection partners with CHN to reduce waste sent to landfills. The program provides rodent resistant bins in order to deter pests. This program is a valuable resource to the city by supporting renewal energy initiatives, as well as to city gardeners, by producing enriched soil products such as compost and potting soil. Participants in this food and yard waste program can visit DSNY’s Zero Waste for curbside regulations and pickup schedules including a schedule of holiday closings.

Electronics Recycling

CHN co-sponsors an annual Electronics Recycling day. Neighbors are encouraged to bring their unwanted electronic hardware to the site designated for responsible recycling.

Note: Stores that sell electronics are required by New York City law to recycle electronic equipment.

Recycling unwanted electronics is important to safeguarding our environment.