Stop 11th Hour Legislation

City Council Speaker Mark-Viverito is pushing legislation that will
increase street vendor licenses in the coming years.
Carnegie Hill Neighbors worries this will be another blow to our
proud mom-and-pop shops in the neighborhood who will
have to compete with street vendors, and
can park rent-free outside of their businesses.
This last minute push does not allow time for
public debate or input from affected businesses.
Contact your representative below and tell them you oppose this rushed legislation.
Ben Kallos
NYC Council Member District 5
P: 212-860-1950
Dan Gardonick
NYC Council Member District 4
P: 212-818-0580 E:
Melissa Mark-Viverito
NYC Council Member District 8
P: 212-828-9800 E:
Rebecca Seawright
NY State Assembly Member
P: 212-288-4607 E:
Gale Brewer
Manhattan Borough President
P: 212-531-1609 E:
Liz Krueger
28th District State Senator
P: 212-669-7250 E: