Stroll Through Gritty ’80s NYC With This Interactive Map

By September 25, 2017 March 27th, 2018 No Comments
NEW YORK CITY — In the ’80s, you could run scared through Times Square beneath a marquee for the movie “Running Scared,” which stood right next to a store called “Video Peeps.”
You can now get a glimpse of Gotham’s grittier days through an interactive map that collected hundreds of thousands of digitized archival photos organized by address.
Map co-creator Jeremy Lechtzin told DNAinfo New York that he and geocode partner Brandon Liu came up with an algorithm to organize the more than 800,000 images and arrange them as seamlessly as possible for Google Street View-like effect.
"We’re trying to give people a sense of what the city looked like in the 1980s — what entire blocks looked like, what an entire neighborhood would have looked like," said Lechtzin, 44, who lives in Brooklyn Heights and documents the neighborhood’s history.
The mapmakers also highlighted some locations of note, including Katz’s Delicatessen on a pre-gentrification Ludlow Street.
Take a look at the map by clicking here.